As yet I have not received any reply from either Coys of Kensington Staff member "2" or Coys of Kensington Staff member "1"
5 Mar 11:14,
Hello Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" I have been trying to contact you via email and my Wife has been waiting on a call back regarding the sale of my car on the 4th of December but unfortunately we have not had contact . Could I ask you to contact me please. regards, Stuart
8 March 07:42:25
Hi Stuart, Just a short note to say sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, however I am looking into this and will get back to you shortly . In any case I will ensure you get the complete total amount owed to you and as soon as possible . For info I am in Germany on business but checking my email as and when I can . Talk soon, most likely Monday in fairness.
Best, Coys of Kensington Staff member "3"
11 March 15:59
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "3"
Just wanted to let you know the V5 arrived with us this afternoon so will be posted tomorrow and I am addressing it for your attention.
Regards, Stuart
11 Mar 16:02,
Hi Stuart, Many thanks for that, I will let you know as soon as we get it and then we can push for settlement for you .
Best wishes, Coys of Kensington Staff member "3"
14 March 10:30
My Wife phoned Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" on my behalf as I was tied up in meetings for an update on the current situation . Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" angrily accused her of harassing him and bullying and went on to say that the buyer of our car was having serious issues with the car implying that the sale may not happen. I immediately contacted New owner who assured me the only issue he had was that of the log book.
14 March 10:51
Coys of Kensington Staff member "3"
I have just spoken to my Wife and she is extremely upset with how you spoke to her. Needless to say I am pretty angry that a company of your standing resorts to bullying its customers. Accusing us of harassing you is a serious allegation . We have been nothing but courteous to you throughout this mess as all we are trying to do is get a reasonable settlement due to Coys not fulfilling what was agreed. I note you have angrily told My Wife on the phone that it will be sorted by the end of today but due to my bad health and the upset you have caused this morning I feel any further correspondence should only be done via email. I would point out that any issues New owner has/is having is again down to Coys not getting the car mot'd, the V5 being sent to the DVA without mot and of course the DVA mixing things up.
Regards, Stuart
14 March 10:53 Stuart,
Happy to talk on email, I will talk to new owner and will revert. Coys of Kensington Staff member "3"
14 March 11:24
Stuart FYI this is the email I received, as you can see the buyer is far from happy with the car, so I will have to liaise with him and revert . Best, Coys of Kensington Staff member "3"
NOTE possible problem with registration  The vendor has informed me that the new number for the Ferrari we bought from Coys is xxxxxV . The original number was a W (W). The car was built Dec1980 so should be a W reg. I have called DVLA and they have told me this looks like an error . They need the registered keeper or their rep with the V5 to speak to them though in order to sort things . Can perhaps be done on phone but maybe not. Can you please sort this out as a matter of urgency . We (probably my Wife) shall be calling you to follow up. NOTE also that the colour is still showing as silver. You sold us a red car and i expect the V5 you provide to reflect this. Please ensure this is changed.  As a result of above question i done an hpi check and it currently recommends not buying car. This may be due to recent plate transfer but is extremely concerning.  Do you have the V5 serial number and date of issue so i can update the hpi check? Regards New owner
As soon as this information was passed on to me I took the day off work and spent the time on the phone with the DVLA to have everything corrected.
At 15:30 I received a phone call from Coys of Kensington Staff member "4" advising me she had taken over the case . Coys of Kensington Staff member "4" advised me that she had read through this document and her words were that she was appalled at how we had been treated by Coys. Coys of Kensington Staff member "4" was even more annoyed after I told about what had happened that morning with Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" and assured me he would be dealt with .The phone call lasted 38 minutes with key points being 7.1 to 7.5 of Coys terms and conditions that states If Coys sell a car for less than the agreed reserve the seller can assume the lot went for the agreed reserve. Coys of Kensington Staff member "4" did on the phone agree that this looked to be correct and she would look into it. Another point was that Coys of Kensington Staff member "1" had been suspended due to "questionable dealings" that had left sellers, buyers and Coys in a situation. Although not condoning the actions of Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" Coys of Kensington Staff member "4" did put forward that he was left with the fallout from Coys of Kensington Staff member '1' questionable dealings which might have been a contributing factor to his outburst. Coys of Kensington Staff member "4" said she would have everything sorted within a week.
14 Mar 16:18
Hi Stuart,
Thanks very much for your time today, I really appreciate it. Here are my contact details so you have it.
Warm regards, Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
18 March 13:52
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
So no further confusion is caused, The tax book arrived on Sat and it is still recorded silver! I despair.  I rang the DVLA this morning and even though the guy I spoke to last week over the wrong Reg assured me he would make sure the change happened, the girl on the phone this morning said it cannot be done over the phone and does not know why I was told it could be. So, I have just sent the V5 back to them for correction . They are telling me turnaround should be by the end of this week. I have already let New owner know earlier . As soon as the log book returns to me I will of course let you know.
Kind regards, Stuart
18 Mar 14:50
Hi Stuart,
Many thanks for the update and I can only begin to imagine how frustrated you are re the colour of the car . At least the DVLA only have one mistake to fix now . Please let me know when you get the updated V5 back. I also spoke with New owner on Friday and they have updated me with what they have gone through as well since purchasing your vehicle. Now that I have all the details, I will review the numbers of the deal and be back in touch with you this week with a decision. Once again,thanks very much for your patience while we sort through the specifics.
Bye for now, Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Mar 20 7:35 PM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Apologies if you feel I'm pushing for an update but we've just had a death in the family and my Wife is going to have to go over to England and if we knew where we were with you we would have a good idea about how much we can use from our account . Sorry, I don't know why I felt I need to explain our situation .
Kind regards, Stuart
20 Mar  21:03
Hi Stuart,
Pardon my late note. I am sorry to hear this sad news and I hope you and yours are alright . Tomorrow is my scheduled day to review your transaction and that of the buyers with the Accountant. I am up to date on all matters . Then I will propose a solution to the MD for approval. I will aim to update you by end of day Friday . With regards to the pressing needs of your wife's immediate need to travel to England, may I propose an interim solution . I can offer to cover £500 of her costs . I will put this over to you now as to how I can make this happen so please do advise . Perhaps booking travel via our credit card will work best given the timescale .
Warm regards, Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Mar 20, 10:16 PM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Thank you so much for your kind words and for your offer. We are ok for now,we can use the credit card lol, thinking what we have ahead of us. I spoke to the DVLA and to New owner about the change of colour on the Log book, it can be done at the same time of the name transfer to New owner . He's happy with that so I have it all signed and have a covering letter explaining the colour change .
Kind regards, Stuart
21 Mar 05:36,
Hi Stuart,
Okay thanks for the update on all fronts.
Did you put New owners Wifes name as new registered keeper? New owner mentioned that was their wish . Will you send direct to the DVLA or mail to COYS first? The process usually is that it goes through COYS and then vendors get paid. Let me know what your plan in is, thanks .
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
25 Mar  17:24
Was hoping to hear from you on Friday or even today regarding proposal. Can I ask for an update
Kind regards, Stuart
25 Mar 19:09,
Hi Stuart,
Thanks for checking in and apologies for the delay. I have your proposal ready to put in front of the MD but he is out of the office until Wednesday . I will be speaking to him then and thanks for following up. Bye for now,
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Mar 25, 7:45 PM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
While I really appreciate you coming back to me I have to honest and say that I have a serious case of deja vou starting to set in. It will be 2 weeks Thursday since you contacted me and I was really hoping with you on board I would have been further on. I also thought maybe naively that my Wife would at the very least have had an apology from Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" for the way he spoke to her. I'm trying to remain polite but my patients is waining so please do your best to move things on on Wednesday.
Kind regards, Stuart
26 Mar 11:37:46
Hi Stuart,
I am on it so please don't associate this with deja vu. I have been quietly working behind the scenes on your behalf and that of the buyers . COYS is a small, family run company and we can't proceed with much unless our actions have MD approval, which will happen tomorrow as he is out of town today. I had hoped my heartfelt apology to your wife on COYS behalf may have made a difference . I feel terribly that she had such an upsetting experience and I believe it offered a learning experience
from an internal perspective on appropriate behaviour with customers as I discussed it with the team .
Back in touch Wednesday ,Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
28 Mar 15:44,
Dear Stuart,
Thanks very much for your patience while I have been reviewing your matter. I recognize that there has been a lengthy wait for you to hear an outcome and I apologize for that . 
I reviewed all of the numbers of your transaction from all perspectives and put a proposal over to the MD for consideration. I regret to inform you that COYS will not be able to offer any further compensation beyond what the terms and conditions of your contract indicate . I imagine this is unwelcome news and for that, I truly apologize. I imagine the outcome may be difficult to accept but there are many operating costs associated with an auction and we need to be able to cover our costs, this is where seller's and buyer's premiums are applied and it allows COYS to provide a venue for vendors and buyers to come together.
I did make an offer to cover up to £500 of your wife's travel costs to attend a funeral and that was an expense I was willing to cover personally out of my own bank account . But I did not get any instructions from you on what I could book on her behalf. Did you proceed with any travel bookings for her? Is there an update you could share with me?
We will release the rest of the money due to you once we receive the V5 . Can you please provide me with an updated timeline as to when we can expect that? I will amend the color to red once I send info pertaining to the new registered keeper to the DVLA . Once again Stuart, many thanks for your patience .
Warm regards, Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Mar 28, 4:28 PM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Disappointment is an understatement .Total disbelief as I simply don't understand how you have arrived at this decision.  Firstly before Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" outburst he had told both my wife and myself £00k and now it's even £500 less than what he said. Secondly you agreed with me on the phone that we had been treated appallingly by Coys and also agreed with my point about the Reserve 7.1-7.5 Coys terms & conditions was correct therefore can you explain why my car was sold for £9k bellow the reserve that was set and I am not entitled to the full reserve as per your conditions . Your offer of £500 from your own account was Nice gesture, I did not realise it was directly from you. My wife is going to England next week as there were complications. As much as I need to put this absolutely horrible experience behind me for the good of my health alone, I am consulting with my solicitor as I simply cannot except/believe that  with everything that has happened even to the point Coys of Kensington Staff member "1" has been suspended that Coys can sell my car £9k under the agreed Reserve with no come back even though it's clearly stated in your own terms. Needless to say until I get my head around the situation a Coys employee has put me in I will not be releasing the V5. I will be contacting New owner to advise him what has happened and why he cannot put the car on the road. I have also contacted the DVLA and advised them of my situation so no new log book can be released. This is simply awful that a business such as Coys treats its customers with such contempt .
Regards, Stuart
28 Mar 17:18,
Hi Stuart,
Thank you for your reply, I have heard you. I do wish I had better news for you. Regarding your payback, I have the payback due to you at £00,000 with £00,000 already released to you as an act of good faith by COYS. If you have documentation indicating £00,000 please do send to me immediately . With regards to the terms and conditions around reserves and 7.1-7.5, I simply confirmed that is how your deal was able to move forward. Please do feel free to consult with your solicitor . Our Terms and Conditions are self explanatory. Should you require the information about COYS corporate lawyers at a later date, please advise and I will provide to you . But I really hope we won't move on to that stage however it is your right to seek any advice you wish to. It is unfortunate that you won't release the V5 to COYS as you are contractually required to do so. As you know, the impact on the buyer is they are left with a car they can't put on the road. I emailed them directly after the MD's decision so I am sure your note gave them a broader view. As COYS issued you a portion of your payback in good faith, it might seem now that you have no intention in moving forward with completing the transaction . Perhaps I'll leave that with you for now to consider your next steps. Do keep me posted. My offer to personally cover up to £500 of your wife's travel costs still stands . Let me know what I can do. I am sure this is a difficult time for your family and I am sorry to know that. Keep me posted,
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Mar 29, 1:01 PM,
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"   (one day on)
I do not want New owner put out any further as without his help this situation Coys have me in would be much worse so the V5 will be sent to you personally tomorrow recorded post to be with you Monday. Please confirm that as soon as you receive the V5 on Monday that you will send money owed to me on the next working day which should be Tuesday 02/04.
Regards, Stuart
29 Mar 17:07,
Hi Stuart,
Thanks for updating me on your decision. I will assume then that the VS you have now is correct or do I still need to change the colour? I looked over the form and the DVLA wants an indication of the colour change's date so please share that with me if it still needs updating. Once we get your VS, we will certainly prepare the rest of your payback for mailing out directly to you. We are off site next week so I won't be back in the office until Thursday. Then we go to Germany the week of April 8th so it may be until the week of April 15th until we can get your cheque signed and in the mail. Just giving you the lay of the land. Thanks,
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Apr  1, 10:07 AM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Can I ask you to ring me please . I have been trying to contact you. Regards, Stuart
1Apr 10:34
Yes Stuart, I was just speaking to the MD about getting your cheque signed before he leaves the country on Wednesday. And have also spoken to the DVLA this morning re the colour change to red and they are fine with using the current date when the registered keeper info goes in. What number is best to reach you at please?
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4" 
Apr 1, 1:40 PM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Do you have any idea when you will be ringing me? Thanks, Stuart
1Apr 14:25,
Yes, finally available now but your phone# I can't source. So please send again- sorry.
04  April14:32
Subject: Re: Decision
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Stuart again. I've phoned 3 times and sent at least 4 emails trying asking for you to contact me to let me know if the cheque has been posted as agreed? I'm seriously worried now if I'm ever actually going to get my money as there seems to be a reluctance to sort things. I'm afraid deja vu has became a reality in that Coys of Kensington Staff member "1" and Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" started to avoid contacting me over obstacles put in my way and I can't help wondering is there more issues causing you to do the same. While I totally understand that you must be busy, I had hoped that this would now have been a priority. I really need that money. Please let me know what is going on.
Continued on Sale of my car by Coys of kensington P3