4 Apr 20:35,
Hi Stuart,
I have just gotten back in to the office today after being off site and largely unavailable while at auction . Thank you for your follow ups. I have confirmation that your cheque will be processed during tomorrow's accounts day and then off to you in the mail next week as our Accountant does not leave for Germany until mid week. Thanks for sending along the VS as well. I have filled in the details of the new registered keeper and it will go to the DVLA tomorrow when the mail gets picked up. I have also made sure to include your covering letter. Many thanks for your patience throughout Stuart. Regards,
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
8 Apr 10:38,
Hi Stuart,
Ijust landed from an overseas flight and yours was the first email I fwded to Accounts and the MD. As soon as I have an answer, I willllet you know .Thanks,
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Apr 9, 12:24 PM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
I'm afraid I don't understand. Your email last Thursday said the cheque was being processed the next day, Friday, so why has it to go through the MD again and I thought he was away until the 15th. Surely not more delay .
Apr 9, 10:21AM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Will the cheque definitely be sent this week and if so what day. Stuart
9 Apr 13:39,
Hi Stuart,
The cheque will be prepared and brought to Germany on Wednesday when our Accountant arrives. Then the MD will sign and we will post to you. Thanks,
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Apr 9, 7:09 PM,
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
I've just read your message again and I still don't understand how the cheque was being processed last Friday and now it has to go to Germany for signing. Do Coys actually have the funds to pay me as I've been on a few car forums and on everyone there are people with issues of getting there money from you. I'm leaving next week free as I think it's now time to fly over and meet with whoever it takes to sort this out.
9 April  21:11:30
Hi Stuart,
If you follow the timeline, you finally provided the VS which you had been withholding for no good reason which put you in breach of contract as it was you who wished to keep the registration number. This arrived when you knew I would be out of the office and as soon as I got in to the office I handled the matter by sending the VS to DVLA so the registered keepers can finally move forward and enjoy their purchase. During this period, all senior staff have relocated to Germany for our Essen
auction which is now getting on 30 years. So the only way we can issue your cheque in the quickest possible timeframe is for the authorized signatories to sign and dispatch from where the office is currently operating. And we will confirm when this is dispatched which we are not obliged to do but I happily will in order to give you peace of mind. Anecdotally, your reference to Internet forums is really rather passe bearing in mind it is now considered an unregulated fake news generator and is entirely discredited. We handle the sale of over 2000 classic cars a year across every developed nation in the world and we know what we are doing. I've contacted our compliance advisors who have informed me that your tone of communication to me has been threatening and abusive and borderline reportable and, without a doubt, unacceptable. This will be our final contact. Regards,
Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
Hi Coys of Kensington Staff member "4"
I am quite taken aback that you feel I have somehow personally threatened you or have given you abuse. I genuinely cannot see how I have managed to do this but I apologise if you feel I have.
I feel there are a few things that require clearing up and to help all concerned understand better I have included the full timeline that has taken place between us. I am more than happy to discuss this with Coys MD, Compliance advisors or any other Coys nominated representative.
1. As you will no longer be in contact with me can you forward a point of contact to me please to discuss any further issues or delays should they arise. This was not done
2. Is it Coys decision that no-one representing Coys will be conversing with me regarding money owed to me or if it is your personal decision have you passed my situation on to someone else? No response
3. On 9 different dates I have been advised by yourself about the signing of a cheque by your MD which has not taken place. Can I now have a specific date on when the cheque will be posted. No response
4. Has Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" denied that he said we would be receiving the
£00000 just before he insulted my Wife . No response
5. Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" also stated to me that he was wavering the cost of taxing the car due to all that had happened . Will that be honoured? No response
6. From the timeline I have included can I urge you or someone from your Compliance advisors to highlight the areas where I have been abusive or threatening as it is upsetting to be accused of this. No response
I strongly feel I have been as personable as any reasonable could be considering the amount of strain and mental pressures of being out of pocket such a large amount of money for over 4 months has put on my family and work life. As I mentioned to you in passing the first day you contacted me about my circumstances (I have omitted the circumstances as I had them listed), having the money would have been very useful in making a few things more comfortable for us. Not that it matters but I have been suffering badly from depression and this ongoing situation is not helping.
I did say to you on the first day we spoke that I sincerely hoped we would not fall out over what has happened and you said it wouldn't come to that so I do hope either yourself or someone will now put things right.
Regards, Stuart
lOth April.
I have had no further contact from anyone at Coys.
lOth April I contacted my solicitor and a letter was sent to Coys of Kensington giving them 7 days to respond with payment.
17th April16.58, 2 minutes before solicitors closing time on the seventh day my solicitor received an email with myself cc'd from Coys of kensington staff member "3" asking should the cheque be sent to the solicitor or myself. My solicitor requested the cheque be sent to me.
17th April 17.31
I was accidently cc'd in on an email from Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" to a client looking for the clients account details so payment from the auction the previous Saturday could be sent to him. I was told from the outset by all members of Coys of Kensington that I dealt with that they only dealt with cheques and did not do wire transfers. I passed this email on to my solicitor .
18th April17.03 .
My solicitor received the payment from the sale of my car. 18th April17.48.
I received an email from Coys of Kensington Staff member "3" saying, personally I am really pleased this has been sorted and I am sorry for any stress this matter has caused .
Thank you for taking the time to read this document, make your own decisions on how I was
treated. I have kept hard and digital copies of ALL correspondence that took place so there can be no accusation of slander etc.