28/01/09. Ok I know I said I wasn't going to take in anymore strays but I couldn't say no to this little car. It's a 1995 bog basic Cinq. The thing is, it's completely original right down to the wheel trims. It even only has covered 45K...  The paintwork needs a really good polish and the interior a good valet and that's the body sorted. Mechanically I'm told it needs a new water pump (which came with the car) and the tappets set as they rattle. Obviously I'll be checking out the rest of the car but on first looks it does look to be a little gem of a car. We'll see I suppose.


30/01. Right first job on the car is to fit the new water pump that came with the car. It's bellow the alternator so it has to come out along with a couple of wires and a water pipe that have to be moved out of the way.

Firstly remove the wires from the alternator. Next the water pipe that you can see above the alternator needs to be taken off at the bottom were it goes into the T piece. The alternator is held on with 2 15mm bolts located on the side of the engine block. It is a bit fiddly to get to the lower one from above but a ring spanner does the job. Once the bolts are losened the belt can be moved out of the way. Don't let it fall though as it'll save you time later if you have to re-locate it on the bottom pulley. Once the 2 bolts are out the alternator just lifts out.


Now you can see the water pump. It's held on with 3 13mm bolts. 2 at the top that you can see in the photo and one at the bottom that is easy to get to, you just have to feel for it. remember to take the pipe off first because if like this car it's been on there for some time and needs a little persuasion with a flat screwdriver to gently release it. Once off again like the alternator it just lifts out. Once out be sure any traces of the old gasket on the block of the engine are removed as you may not get a good seal when you fit the new pump.

Old and new pump (with gasket) together.


Fitting the pump is just the reverse of taking it off apart from making sure the gasket is on properly. And fitting the alternator the same apart from making sure you have good tension before you tighten the bolts up. It took me just over 30 minutes to do the lot so it's realy a straight forward job.


19/05. I just got the Maserati sorted so have a little bit of time to start into the Cinq. First job is the paintwork. It has faded badly so is in need of a really good polish. Can you tell in the photo below which bit I've done with the G3 and polish.


21/05. the outer body is now all polished up so time to go round the rubbers and shut areas. As you can see I've went as far as removing the rear lights and tailgate rubber to make sure I get as much of the car cleaned as I can.


27/05. Stripped the rear brakes today as they had seized and fitted new shoes. The engine was also serviced and fitted with new plugs, filters and oil. I'm short on photo's as I'd forgoten the camera. I did get one of the new shoes on though.